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Fallen tree causes disruption as wet weather hits south west Wales 0

Fallen tree causes disruption as wet weather hits south west Wales

Comments (0) 1 THIS was the sight greeting residents of New Dock Street in Llanelli as they woke up this morning. A tree fell into the road in the middle of the night as the wet weather rained down on south west Wales. There was no damage caused to vehicles parked on the road, but the tree collided with a telephone wire, meaning there will be some disruption this morning to parts of the town in terms of internet and telephone service.

READ MORE: More rain fell in Swansea on first day of August than any other day this year 2 Superfast Broadband Cymru are currently at the scene, and a Dyfed-Powys Police Officer is also present, awaiting the arrival of Carmarthenshire Council. A clean-up operation is now expected to take place during the day. People living nearby were out on the streets this morning having a chat to officers about the issue.

Today, the Met Office is predicting a fairly damp and cloudy start for the country with patchy light rain and drizzle through the morning. READ MORE: Friends hook SEVEN-FOOT SHARK just yards away from popular Welsh beach 3 It may brighten up a little during the afternoon with some sunny intervals in the east, with a maximum temperature of 20 C . There will be patchy cloud and some clear spells overnight, although with outbreaks of rain and drizzle continuing in places, feeling muggy in the south-east, with a minimum temperature of 15 C .

FOR MORE NEWS, CLICK HERE 4 Robert Dalling 5 References ^ Comments (0) ( ^ More rain fell in Swansea on first day of August than any other day this year ( ^ Friends hook SEVEN-FOOT SHARK just yards away from popular Welsh beach ( ^ CLICK HERE ( ^ Robert Dalling (

Independence Cymru and Alba: Awaiting the Opportune Moment 0

Independence Cymru and Alba: Awaiting the Opportune Moment

Tom Gordon , Scottish Political Editor / 09:54 Sunday 13 March 2016 / News 1 2 NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday announced an SNP summer initiative to convert sceptical voters to the beautiful dream of independence. The First Minister admitted her party s arguments had not been compelling enough for many people in 2014, however Sturgeon said she planned to rectify that with a fresh push and a fresh approach. We will hear your concerns and address your questions – and in the process, we will be prepared to challenge some of our own answers, she said.

It will not be an attempt to browbeat anyone. Patiently and respectfully we will seek to convince you that independence really does offer the best future for Scotland. That is how we will turn the 45 per cent of September 2014 into a strong and positive majority for independence.

The announcement came as a new YouGov poll confirmed the SNP is on track for a second majority in May – and showed Labour on a record low, behind the Tories. Addressing around 2500 delegates at the SNP s pre-election conference, the First Minister announced a series of promises on health, education, tax and childcare. There were also stinging attacks on the Tories and Scottish Labour.

But it was the section on independence which stirred the greatest – and loudest – passions in the cavernous hall at the SECC in Glasgow. Sturgeon quoted her “hero” Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States, who said the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams . The SNP leader went on: Our dream is for Scotland to be become independent.

To be in the driving seat of our own destiny. To shape our own future. And on the basis of equality with our family across the British Isles and our friends across the globe, to play our part in building a better world.

That is a beautiful dream. And we believe in it. However she warned that simply wishing to re-run referendum next week wouldn t deliver it.

Our success will depend on the strength of our arguments and the clarity of our vision. It will mean convincing the people of this country that independence is right – not for yesterday s world – but for the complex, challenging and increasingly interdependent world that we live in. And right also for the world that our children will inherit and live in tomorrow.

The announcement, with its emphasis on patience, respect and a lack of browbeating, signalled a break with the brash campaigning style of Alex Salmond in 2014. It also suggests the SNP hierarchy is rethinking some of the weaker aspects of the previous Yes prospectus, notably on the currency and the economy. Last week s Government Revenue and Expenditure in Scotland (GERS) report said Scotland raised 15bn less in tax than it spent in 2014-15, a record deficit.

With bad economic data likely to harden the mood of No voters and erode a soft Yes vote, the summer initiative is aimed at shoring up the 45 per cent support as well as adding to it. It will be paid for out of SNP party funds not public money. In the early sections of her 40-minute speech, Sturgeon set out the principles that would guide her as First Minister after May and said the SNP would always fight Scotland s corner .

She cited John Swinney s recent fiscal framework deal with the Treasury which left Scotland 7bn better off than Westminster wanted: It was a blatant and shameful attempt to renege on the ‘vow’ they made to Scotland. But we said ‘no’. As we say in Glasgow, we gubbed them.

She said the SNP would reform the NHS to prepare for a growing elderly population, but said it would stay in public hands, with a rising resource budget every year for five years. She also announced an extra 50m for radiotherapy services to help fight cancer. On education, she said free meals would be extended to nurseries, with headteachers in deprived schools getting bigger budgets to spend as they saw fit to close the attainment gap.

There was also a loudly-cheered pledge for 100 per cent superfast digital broadband coverage, even in the most remote rural areas. Using the new welfare powers coming to Holyrood, Sturgeon said the SNP would restore maternity grants for large families which had been cut by the Tories and introduce 250 grants to low income parents for children starting nursery or primary. She pledged the SNP would not raise the basic rate of income tax above 20p during the next parliament, but left open the possibility of raising the 40p and 45p bands.

She also hinted strongly that she would not match Tory plans to raise the threshold for the 40p rate from 42,385 to 50,000 by 2021, saying: It would be wrong to give big tax cuts to the better off as George Osborne is planning to do. We will not do that. She said she would set out more detailed tax plans after Wednesday s budget.

Reacting to Sturgeon s push on independence, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said: “It’s clear the SNP – from top to bottom – just isn’t prepared to let this go. People voted decisively to remain part of the UK and it’s time Nicola Sturgeon respected it. Scottish Labour deputy leader Alex Rowley called the speech timid .

Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie said: “The SNP’s biggest priority remains to start the division of the referendum again.” References ^ Tom Gordon ( ^ News (

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