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High-speed fibre broadband for three Clydesdale villages

Hundreds more South Lanarkshire households and businesses are now able to connect to high-speed fibre internet, thanks to the ?428m Digital Scotland superfast broadband rollout programme. Hundreds of homes and businesses in villages including Coalburn, Douglas and Rigside are now able to receive fibre broadband for the first time. Most of the latest local connections to be upgraded were previously exchange-only lines, a historic legacy of the copper network once thought to be out of the reach of high-speed fibre services.

Such lines run directly from the exchange to homes and business premises, bypassing the usual road-side cabinets that are a vital part of the fibre rollout. Engineers worked out an innovative way to integrate these lines into the fibre network, laying hundreds of metres of new cable to reroute lines through extra roadside cabinets. More than 750,000 premises across the country can now connect to their fastest-ever broadband speeds through the Digital Scotland rollout, with around 77,000 premises being reached by the project in the last six-month period.

Local people need to sign up for the new, faster services with an internet service provider as upgrades are not automatic.

Welcoming the new service, Clydesdale MSP Aileen Campbell said she is thrilled that significant progress is being made.

“There is still progress to be made across Clydesdale to our superfast broadband coverage,” she added.

“Broadband is not a luxury but an essential part of everyday life for businesses and families across Scotland.

“I am pleased that the Scottish Government’s intervention programme is reaching areas in Clydesdale where commercial providers hadn’t managed, and I wish the programme even more success in the future.

“I will continue to liaise with the providers to ensure that Clydesdale receives the best possible coverage.”

A high-speed broadband boost for the Borders

HUNDREDS of homes and businesses in the Borders can now connect to high-speed fibre broadband thanks to a new project. Residents in West Linton, St Boswells and Kelso are the latest to get connected as part of the ?428m Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband roll-out. And Borderers can now sign up to the new faster services through their internet provider.

Fergus Ewing, cabinet secretary for the rural economy and connectivity, told us: “The Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is progressing further and we are extending coverage in places like St Boswells.

“The Scottish Government is committed to delivering 100 per cent superfast broadband access across Scotland by 2021 and plans are currently being developed to ensure that this is the case.

“During the summer months our existing programme will continue to advance across the country, bringing high speed broadband to new rural communities.”

BT is also investing ?126m in the the project with is being led by the Highlands and Islands Enterprise in its area and the Scottish Government in the rest of Scotland.

Figures show that 77,000 premises were reached in the last six month period.

Robert Thorburn, BT Scotland’s Fibre Broadband Director, added: “We look forward to continuing work on this huge and challenging infrastructure project to benefit the people of Scotland.”

To see if you are eligible for the upgrade, visit:


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High-speed broadband boost for West Linton

MORE than 550 homes and business in West Linton can now have access to high-speed fibre broadband thanks to the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme. About 24,700 households have already benefitted from the ?428 million scheme in the Borders, with 45 towns and villages getting access to the service, including Peebles, Galashiels and Selkirk. And more local coverage is expected to follow as engineers from Openreach – the local network business which is part of BT Group – continue work on the ground.

West Linton residents and business owners David and Estelle Weipers say their flower business,, has benefitted from the new service. David told us: “With the new fibre service I have seen a significant improvement with the amount of devices that we are able to have connected in the house at the same time. Specifically, it allows Estelle and me to be able to work from home together.”

Estelle added: “I take orders over email and via the website, therefore having fibre broadband is essential for the running of my business. The flowers are ordered from Holland so I need to have access to a fast connection to ensure that the orders are processed effectively.”

Fibre broadband offers fast connections at speeds of up to 80mbps and there are many different suppliers to choose from. Sara Budge, programme director for Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband, said: “It’s fantastic news that the programme has been able to benefit David and Estelle and many others residents and businesses in and around West Linton.”

BT is investing ?126 million in the Digital Scotland rollout.

Robert Thorburn, the company’s Fibre Broadband Director, said: “Hundreds of West Linton residents can now connect to their best ever broadband speeds when they sign up with a service provider, and we’d encourage local people to check out their options.

“It’s a highly competitive market, so people could potentially be surfing at much higher speeds at a similar cost to their current service.

Once you’ve made the switch to superfast, like David and Estelle, we’re confident you’ll never look back.”