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Watchdog finds Virgin Media is falling short on promised broadband speeds 0

Watchdog finds Virgin Media is falling short on promised broadband speeds

An investigation has claimed Virgin Media is failing to provide the broadband speeds it promised customers. BBC Watchdog 1 , in its latest instalment, which aired on Wednesday night at 8pm on BBC One, found some areas in the UK were receiving just 3% of the speeds that were promised. The programme alerted Virgin Media to its findings, according to the Mirror. 2 In response, the company acknowledged the problem and said it has resolved the issues that were raised.

Virgin Media said it was “disappointed” that it “fell short” of its own high standards when it comes to broadband speeds. Despite paying for speeds of up to 200mbps, the BBC programme found some users couldn’t even stream music – let alone download a video game or stream video. Virgin Media also confirmed that it is redoubling efforts on training sales staff to make sure everyone complies with the policy.

Chief executive Tom Mockridge said in May that 100Mbps was the new broadband standard and that the industry needed to get better at advertising speeds in different areas to customers. Read More Back in December 2016, research from Ofcom found that more than a million homes in the UK still can’t get a “decent” broadband signal from any provider. The regulator said 1.4 million homes remain unable to receive broadband speeds over 10 megabits per second (Mbit/s), the speed Ofcom 3 says is required in a typical home to meet a household’s digital needs.

The Government has pledged to make broadband a universal service that gives everyone a right to access 10 Mbit/s speeds, a scheme Ofcom is advising on.

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The Midland town with the fastest broadband in the UK 0

The Midland town with the fastest broadband in the UK

There’s nothing more annoying than waiting while your computer buffers. But that is no problem for one part of the West Midlands – where it is the fastest in the country. A new study has found broadband is faster in Tamworth than anywhere else in the country.

The research, conducted by consumer organisation Which?, found the Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands and Highland local authorities all averaged the lowest speeds. Fortunately, nowhere in the West Midlands was in the bottom 10. The minimum download speed proposed under the Government’s Universal Service Obligation is 10Mbps, but the study found the average test in 12 local authority areas didn’t reach this speed.

Read More And despite the majority of slow download speeds coming from rural areas, many local authority areas in big cities are getting below the national average. The London boroughs of Southwark, Westminster, Lambeth, Hackney and the City of London were all found to be lagging behind the UK average, which was identified as 17Mbps in the report. Alex Neill, Which?

Managing Director of Home Services, said: “Far too many households across the UK are suffering from slow broadband speeds, which can stop you being able to carry out essential daily tasks. “We are encouraging everyone with broadband to use our speed checker so people can see if they are getting the speeds that they’ve been promised by their provider and find out how to complain if their speed is too slow.

Read More “This will also help to further highlight where problem areas are across the UK, putting pressure on Government and providers to help everyone get a good broadband connection.” The research used data from Speed Checker Ltd from January to March 2017.

Top 10 Tamworth Reading Adur Enfield Dundee City Luton North East Lincolnshire Merton Elmbridge Broxbourne Bottom 10 (worst first) Orkney Islands Shetland Islands Highland Ryedale Purbeck Powys West Devon Eden Rother Stirling.

Conservative Candidate Sajid Javid puts Bromsgrove economy at the centre of his campaign 0

Conservative Candidate Sajid Javid puts Bromsgrove economy at the centre of his campaign

CONSERVATIVE Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Sajid Javid has put the Bromsgrove economy at the centre of his campaign, including pledging to work hard to help bring more business to the area and continuing to hold annual jobs fairs if elected. Mr Javid, who has hosted three successful Jobs Fairs so far, would organise the fourth one for February 2, 2018. He said the employment rate had dropped in Bromsgrove to a record rate of just one per cent under the Conservative government. “Only Theresa May and the Conservatives can build on this record and guarantee a strong and stable economy. “Although we have seen a record fall of 55 per cent in unemployment in the Bromsgrove constituency, there’s still more to do.

My three annual jobs fairs have offered more than 3,500 job opportunities for local residents, and already companies have got in touch to sign up for my next fair. “I’m determined to carry this on and, if re-elected, I will be hosting my Jobs Fair next February – and each year- to help make sure local people are seeing the opportunities they deserve.” Mr Javid added he would also meet regularly with local businesses as he has been doing. He said it gave him the opportunity to listen to them, see how he could help them and promote them. Some of the local businesses he has recently visited have included Fork Lift Truck Training, Open Safety Technology International Ltd, Polly Put the Kettle On and Phoenix Flooring.

He also gets together with groups which represent firms, such as the Federation of Small Businesses and the Chambers of Commerce to see how he can help local businesses.

And Mr Javid said he had also helped to bring more Superfast Broadband coverage, working with the county council to deliver it. “After this, the Bromsgrove constituency now has 95 per cent Superfast Broadband coverage.”