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Rural Broadband Expands Under Trump’s Infrastructure Plan 0

Rural Broadband Expands Under Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

President Donald Trump announced that rural broadband expansion will be included in his $1 trillion infrastructure package, which Trump said will be released “very shortly.” The increased funding for rural broadband expansion is needed. According to FCC data, only 55 percent of rural residents have access to downloads faster than 25 megabits per second, compared to 94 percent in urban areas. In recent years farm lobbies have expressed concerns that slow Internet speeds are holding back economic development in rural areas.

However, Trump has yet to secure strong support from Congress for his forthcoming package and has released view concrete details. “Far too many families and businesses in rural communities do not have access to adequate broadband, limiting their opportunities in the digital age,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a statement. “Far too many families and businesses in rural communities do not have access to adequate broadband, limiting their opportunities in the digital age. Closing the digital divide needs to be a national priority, and the President’s decision to include rural broadband in his infrastructure plan holds great promise for creating more jobs and prosperity in our nation’s rural areas.” While private funding has largely supported broadband expansion in urban areas, private investors have found rural areas to be far less profitable. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told reporters that this means a greater Federal role in expanding rural broadband is appropriate. “We think we ought to have the same push to have broadband connectivity all over the country because in the 21st century it is just as important as a telephone, water, sewer, roads,” Perdue said aboard Air Force One en route to Trump’s speech at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “It has become an infrastructure of necessity.” While Trump has promised to support rural broadband expansion, actual inclusion of new resources or programs depends on whether Trump’s overall infrastructure package is approved by Congress.

Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed reservations over the last couple of months.

Chief among the concerns is that the $1 trillion package proposed by Trump includes only $200 billion in government spending.

The remainder of the package is funded by unnamed private investors, incentivized by loans and grants.

Lt.</p><p>Governor Polito addresses lack of broadband in Franklin County 0


Governor Polito addresses lack of broadband in Franklin County

SHUTESBURY, Mass. (WWLP) – Internet access. Many rural Franklin County towns don’t have it. Some residents have DSL, but even that doesn’t seem to be reliable. “It’s still a challenge and things are very slow you can’t download movies and things like that because its impossible,” said Ellen McKay, Shutesbury resident and Town Collector.

Lt. Governor Kayrn Polito met with town leaders from five Franklin County towns in Shutesbury Tuesday, to address this problem. The state is providing a $4 million grant to Shutesbury, Wendell, Colrain, New Salem, and Leyden to fund broadband construction projects. “This is transformational for these communities to be able to connect, they can run a small business form home, connect classrooms to the internet, and no community should be left out of the equation, said Lt.

Governor Karyn Polito. For many residents in these rural Franklin County towns like Shutesbury, going online is a huge challenge. These towns hope with the state’s support that will soon change. “We have almost no broadband and in fact we have none,” said Gayle Huntress, Co-Chair of Shutesbury’s Broadband Committee. “We have partial town coverage and slow DSL, but it’s not broadband.

The broadband construction project is scheduled to begin late next year in Shutesbury. The state will fund one third of it, but the rest of the money will come from taxpayers. These towns could be able to finally connect to the Internet as early as 2019. > Share this: Like this: Like Loading…


Cable Labs, Tellabs are among 15 new members to join the Broadband Forum 0

Cable Labs, Tellabs are among 15 new members to join the Broadband Forum

The Broadband Forum has named 15 new members to its organization, a list that includes three startup companies, reflecting the continuing growth in the broadband services ecosystem. Robin Mersh These new member companies span the gamut of the Broadband Forum’s work, which has evolved to include a focus on next-gen technologies such as virtualization, software-defined networks (SDN), the internet of things (IoT), next-generation optical networks, 5G and Robin Mersh , CEO of the Broadband Forum, said in a release that the organization is seeing greater interest from a broader range of service providers and vendors.   RELATED: Broadband Forum’s Mersh: We need to engage with smaller service providers 1 “The work the Forum is carrying out to deliver on our Broadband 20/20 vision is attracting a lot of interest from companies across the industry and the Forum is the perfect platform for them as every member has an equal voice, whether they are a start-up or a long-established operator,” Mersh said. “Today the broadband industry is changing and evolving at a rapid pace and the addition of these new members demonstrates the Forum remains a clear voice amid the changes.” Here’s a list of the Broadband Forum’s new members:  Company Type  CableLabs Standards EANTC Standards Fujitsu Limited Vendor Genesis Technical Systems integrator Go!Foton   Jabil Circuit (Shanghai) Company Vendor MaxLinear Vendor Radisys Vendor Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Vendor SK Telecom Service Provider Telekom Slovenia Service Provider Tellabs Vendor TiBit Communications Vendor VoltServer Vendor Works Systems (Tianjin) Vendor The forum’s Broadband 20/20 initiative focuses on leveraging emerging technologies and approaches to enable new services and business opportunities across the entire network-enabled broadband ecosystem from user devices to cloud data centers.

Some of the organization’s latest activities that stem from the Broadband 20/20 initiative include: the Cloud Central Office (CloudCO) project, an evolution of the popular TR-069 protocol to accommodate IoT and consumer electronics with the User Services Platform, and preparation for a significant cooperation with 3GPP that will lead to the advance of 5G on a unified network. Two key areas that Broadband Forum has been working on recently include and NG-PON2, which the organization created technology-focused groups around to drive interoperability and awareness. Broadband Forum recently organized  the Council, a new group focused on facilitating rapid deployment of implementations in service provider networks.

Additionally, the forum announced the first six products to have successfully completed the certification program from the Forum and the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory.

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