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Traffic lights return to the A590 in Lindal as broadband work takes place

TRAFFIC lights will return to a former traffic trouble spot on the A590 as essential work is undertaken. Starting on Monday (25) traffic lights will be in place in Lindal for eight days as broadband installation works are carried out. Long queues should be expected and motorists are advised to allow more time for their journeys during busy parts of the day.

The disruption will be reminiscent of the months of delays that caused motoring misery during the work on the Lindal Dip. A huge engineering project was undertaken to heighten and re-locate the A590 to stop the annual issue of flooding. The lights will be in place from Monday September 25 to Tuesday October 3.

LETTER: We need high speed broadband in our rural communities

THERE has been much press in recent years about fibre broadband and money spent to make sure rural communities are not disadvantaged.

So, here is a question to Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron1: Is there anything you can please do for the disadvantaged in the Cartmel valley?

Yes, Cartmel has wonderful broadband we hear, but a mile outside and beyond towards Newby Bridge, none of the outlying communities, many of whom have households running businesses from home, children trying to do homework research, people like myself trying to work from home – do not have high speed broadband.

In fact, some days we have virtually no broadband.

Yes, work is ongoing to try to resolve this but the years keep passing by.

Louise Shrapnel

Field Broughton


  1. ^ Tim Farron (

Download doldrums as UK broadband speeds trail European neighbours


Download Doldrums As UK Broadband Speeds Trail European Neighbours

The UK is ranked 31st globally for broadband speeds

8 August 2017 6:00AM

Broadband speeds in the UK lag behind many of its European neighbours, according to new analysis. With a mean download speed of 16.51 Mbps, Britain comes 31st in the global rankings for broadband speed – nearly three times slower than table topper Singapore at 55.13 Mbps. Countries including Romania, Slovenia and Bulgaria are ahead of the UK in the analysis, while people in France, Italy and Australia typically get slower speeds.

Bringing up the pack is Yemen with an average download speed of 0.34 Mbps, where it would take two days to download a film in high definition. Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at, said the results showed the UK has lessons to learn from Europe. He said: “These results offer us a fresh perspective on where we sit in the broadband world.

“Relatively speaking, we are near the top of the table.

“However, many of those ahead of us – some a long way ahead – are our neighbours both in the EU and wider Europe.”

The findings are based on more than 63 million broadband speed tests which were taken over a year and the results collected by M-Lab. These were later ranked by

8 August 2017 6:00AM