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Satellite Solutions joins Cornwall broadband venture 0

Satellite Solutions joins Cornwall broadband venture

2,036.05 -0.04% -0.91 Max: 2,047.45 Min: 2,025.48 Volume: 0 MM 200 : n/a 16:20 30/06/17 965.31 0.04% 0.36 Max: 966.73 Min: 963.14 Volume: 0 MM 200 : n/a 16:20 30/06/17 Rural and alternative global broadband specialist Satellite Solutions Worldwide Group announced on Friday that it had agreed a new venture to deliver “superfast” broadband services to small and medium sized enterprises in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The AIM-traded firm said the £1.2m initiative was fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and operated in conjunction with British satellite operator Avanti Communications Group. It said the initial aim is to bring 1,000 SMEs online over the next three years with superfast 40 Mbps satellite broadband, and SSW would be one of the certified service providers.

The services, which would be available immediately and delivered via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite, would be the first-time SSW had offered off-the-shelf superfast 40 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload services, which was currently the fastest satellite broadband speed in Europe.

SSW said the scheme would enable targeted businesses to be connected to superfast broadband services of 40 Mbps with no upfront hardware or installation capital costs.

The scheme was being operated in conjunction with a separate £9m ‘Superfast Cornwall’ scheme to introduce more superfast alternative broadband technologies to the region. “This is a great initiative and we are delighted to be able to provide local businesses with our superfast broadband services,” said CEO Andrew Walwyn. “Our model is focused on providing superfast broadband to customers who are suffering due to the ‘digital divide’. “Schemes that help fund these installations, such as this ERDF initiative, are very welcome and we look forward to working closely with them in the coming months.” edging closer to being just another broadband product 0 edging closer to being just another broadband product

Openreach is at the beginning of a journey to 12 million premises with ultrafast broadband available to them, 10 million via pods and another 2 million with full fibre (FTTP, 1 million are likely to be business premises). has had it seems lots of trials and pilots but the scale is starting to ramp up and in a series of press releases BT Group and Openreach 1 has given some rough details for where will be appearing next. So for example we are expecting to see appear in parts of Sighthill, Gorgie, Corstorphine, Murrayfield, Fountainbridge, Craiglockhart, the Meadows and Morningside in Edinburgh and parts of Linn and Rutherglen in Glasgow with that giving Scotland some 16,900 premises of coverage.

The various pilot areas are already said to cover some 100,000 premises. The 20 main pilot locations across the UK are: Bolton,      Greater Manchester Cherry      Hinton, Cambridgeshire Cheltenham,      Gloucestershire Derby,      Derbyshire Donaldson,      Edinburgh Gillingham,      Kent Huntingdon,      Cambridgeshire Langside,      Glasgow Luton,      Bedfordshire Newbury,      Berkshire Newcastle      upon Tyne Newmarket,      Suffolk Rusholme,      Manchester St.      Austell, Cornwall South      Clapham, Balham and Upton Park, London Swansea,      Wales Swindon,      Wiltshire Sheffield,      South Yorkshire is designed to allow those within a few hundred metres of their cabinet to get ultrafast speeds between 100 Mbps and 500 Mbps and initially two product speeds are likely to be sold up to 160 Mbps and up to 330 Mbps. Indicative wholesale pricing is available, but with the impact a user can have on peak bandwidth ulitisation we may see retail pricing that is somewhat different once the service fully launches.

We have been seeing people testing with and generally it does seem to do what it says on the tin and we may be able to share some average speeds for in a month or two. We know of 25 cabinets where is currently available and these are (NOTE: some cabinets may not offer full coverage due to different delivery methods from early trials or distance from cabinet): Cambridge Central cabinets 24, 37, 38, 50, 59 and 88 Cherry Hinton cabinets 36,38,39 and 42 Cambridge Science Park cabinets 21 and 22 Huntingdon cabinet 61 Edinburgh Donaldson cabinet 13 Gillingham cabinets 9 and 19 Hoo cabinets 2 and 3 Medway cabinet 37 Strood cabinet 28 Gosforth cabinet 42 Luton cabinet 91 Swansea Central cabinet 64 St Austell cabinets 5 and 11 Our checkers know about with it mentioned explicitly on our speeds and coverage site 2 but on the main site checker 3 as the products are not live, i.e. nothing to appear in listings it only shows up as faster speeds than would normally be expected from FTTC.

Our cabinet list is not definitive as our core focus is on tracking the superfast roll-outs, so if your is missing please do run a speed test from your connection 4 or drop us a message to tell us your cabinet has one of the new pods attached. Openreach is often criticised for rolling out since those who can get it already have VDSL2 at reasonable speeds already available, but with Ofcom planning to slash the revenue that is generated from VDSL2 (specifically the 40/10 product) this is forcing the hand of Openreach i.e. to make money and lever the benefits from the fibre and power that was installed for VDSL2 the faster services are needed may help to keep the return on investment on track. The 2 million FTTP premises in the ultrafast roll-outs are a slightly different matter as we can see many exchange only lines in city centres where FTTP is now planned, but as with Virgin Media and CityFibre roll-outs we are waiting for the complaints about roadworks, since while Openreach has duct access in many locations, pavement chambers may need expanding or blockages need clearing.

In terms of market competition the speeds will take Openreach and its customers head to head with Virgin Media, but once DOCSIS 3.1 is properly launched they should be able to easily offer even higher speeds, the big question mark is what will the relative performance of the two competing platforms be. The congestion and other issues at Virgin Media is already causing those where performance is important e.g. gamers and twitch broadcasters to switch to services that have lower headline speeds but are much more consistent in terms of latency and the actual speed they get at peak times.

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Thousands to get faster broadband in Cornwall town 0

Thousands to get faster broadband in Cornwall town

A Cornwall town will now see some of the fastest internet speeds in the country. It comes as thousands of people benefit from a new ‘ultrafast’ broadband network which is being piloted by operator Openreach. More than 3,000 households and businesses in and around the town are connected to the new service, known as, which provides download speeds of up to 330Mbps – more than 10 times the UK average.

This means that downloading a two hour HD film could take just 90 seconds, a 45 minute HD TV show just 16 seconds and a nine-hour audio book three seconds. People living in the pilot areas who want to try the new service should contact their internet service provider to see if they’re offering a service, and to find out more about availability and pricing. The areas to benefit from the pilot include parts of the wards of St Austell Bay, Bethel, Gover, Poltair, Mount Charles, St Mewan and Penwithick and Boscoppa.

Emma Howarth, Openreach’s programme director for network delivery in the South West, said: “A huge amount of effort and substantial investment has already taken place in the development of this exciting new technology. “So I’m delighted to announce that we can now start connecting people in St Austell and at the 19 other locations around the country. “These pilot schemes are hugely important to us and to the local households and businesses, which will be able to benefit from “Whether you are somebody aiming to work more efficiently or grow your business, or a household going online for shopping, entertainment or studies, fast access to the internet has never been more important. “We know the technology works and can be a major benefit for customers, but these pilots will now help us test and improve all the factors involved in rolling out on a national scale.” Kim Mears, Openreach managing director for infrastructure delivery, added: “The UK is ahead of its major European neighbours when it comes to superfast broadband but technology never stands still – that’s why we’re building on our existing fibre network and leading the way in deploying ultrafast speeds. “We need to stay ahead in order to meet the evolving needs of our customers. will allow us to do that by building on the investment we have made in fibre to date. “It will transform the UK broadband landscape from superfast to ultrafast, and it will reach the largest number of people in the quickest possible time.” St Austell was announced as a pilot location for in October 2016 as part of Openreach’s ambition to make ultrafast broadband available to 12 million UK homes by the end of 2020. technology changes the way today’s broadband is transmitted, delivering ultrafast speeds that have previously required fibre to be run all the way to the premises (FTTP).

This is significant as will enable Openreach, the local network business which is part of BT Group, to make ultrafast fibre available to a much larger number of homes and businesses and more quickly than if it had focused on FTTP alone. Following early trials of in Cambridgeshire, Gosforth and South Wales, the 20 pilot areas have extended that reach even further – already reaching more than 100,000 homes across the UK. People wanting to take advantage of the new technology can find out more here 1 .

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