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£3m South Gloucestershire BT Deal Targets Universal Superfast Broadband 0

£3m South Gloucestershire BT Deal Targets Universal Superfast Broadband

The South Gloucestershire Council in England, which is already working with Openreach ( BT ) to extend “ superfast broadband ” (24Mbps+) coverage to 97% of the region by December 2017, has signed a new £3m contract that will benefit a further 4,300 premises (3,800 via FTTP ). 1 2 3 The deal, which is supported by funding of £2m from the central Government’s Broadband Delivery UK 4 programme and £1m from the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), aims to complete the extended roll-out in South Gloucestershire by the end of 2018 and this should take local coverage of “ superfast broadband ” very close to universal levels (currently it’s already at around 95%). The deployment is expected to use a lot more of Openreach 5 ’s ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Premise ( FTTP 6 ) broadband technology than before, although the operator will also continue to roll-out their slower hybrid Fibre-to-the-Cabinet ( FTTC 7 ) service in a number of areas. Work to provide the service will start later this year.

Cllr John Goddard, Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources, said: “So far, more than 20,000 homes and businesses have been able to access fibre broadband as part of our rollout across South Gloucestershire. We have always said that we are committed to providing an improved broadband service to as much of the district as possible and this latest investment could see up to 99 per cent of premises covered when combined with the commercial programme. Once complete, thousands more homes and businesses in more rural areas are set to benefit from a service that would not have been available without the council’s continued efforts to bring about these improvements.” Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital, said: “The transformation of the digital landscape in South Gloucestershire to date has been tremendous, but there’s still more to be done.

I’m delighted that another 4,300 local homes and businesses are now going to benefit from a faster and more reliable broadband service, ensuring they can get the fast and reliable connectivity they need, both now and for the future.” Some of the communities set to benefit in the latest phase of the programme include several rural areas not previously covered by the existing roll-out and remaining communities from the previous two phases, including: Almondsbury, Alveston, Aust, Bitton, Bromley Heath, Cold Ashton, Cromhall, Dodington, Downend, Doynton, Falfield, Frampton Cotterell, Hanham Abbots, Hanham, Hawkesbury, Horton, Iron Acton, Kingswood, Marshfield, Olveston, Patchway, Pilning, Severn Beach, Pucklechurch, Rangeworthy, Rockhampton, Soundwell, Siston, Sodbury, Tormarton, Tortworth, Westerleigh, Wick, Abson, Wickwar, Winterbourne and Yate.

Take note that the South Gloucestershire Broadband 8 project is separate from the joint Gloucestershire and Herefordshire ( Fastershire 9 ) scheme that covers the remaining areas.

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Sky broadband is latest provider to be slapped with ad ban following complaint from Virgin 0

Sky broadband is latest provider to be slapped with ad ban following complaint from Virgin

A campaign for Sky broadband has been banned by regulators for claiming to offer consumers ‘super reliable’ broadband. The Advertising Standards Authority 1 (ASA) has given Sky a slap on the wrists for the press and TV ads following a complaint from Sky competitor Virgin, which challenged whether the assertions made in the spots were misleading. The TV campaign in question featured characters from Disney animation, The Secret Life of Pets.

An animated dog, Gidget, is depicted inviting the other characters to dance, she then puts on a music video before the broadband splutters and the video buffers to a halt. Another character interrupts, exclaiming: “You need Sky broadband… It’ll keep you dancing all night long,” before a voiceover and on-screen text both implored viewers to switch to Sky’s ‘super reliable’ service.

An accompanying print ad included the same claim. Sky 2 claimed that it believed consumers would understand the claims that its broadband service was ‘super reliable’ to mean that the service was very reliable and could be trusted to work well. It pointed to data from Ofcom’s recent broadband performance report as proof that Sky broadband equipped customers with a “lower measure of jitter” indicating the internet connection it provided was more stable that than some other providers.

The watchdog disagreed, saying that viewers and readers would understand the claims in the ads to represent general truths about the overall reliability of all of Sky’s broadband packages. It said Virgin had issues with the Ofcom report referenced by Sky, because it believed the report might not include all relevant data for a fair comparison. In relation to the TV spot, the ASA said that the Ofcom data demonstrated that Sky’s broadband packages delivered a “similarly consistent connection” to the comparative packages of its rivals, but did not deliver a more consistent connection.

It said Sky didn’t hold evidence to back either ad’s claim that it provided ‘super reliable’ broadband. The spot, which first ran last year, has been barred from being shown again. The ruling follows on from a recent ad ban handed by the ASA to a Ryan Reynolds-fronted BT spot 3 following dozens of complaints.

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CityFibre seeks to raise £185m of funding to build its vision of Gigabit Britain 0

CityFibre seeks to raise £185m of funding to build its vision of Gigabit Britain

CityFibre is doing things differently to how full fibre roll-outs are seen by many people, i.e. they operator as the wholesale dark fibre provider with invariably local Internet providers partnering in the towns where their network has been rolled out with local authorities and large businesses often acting as the anchor tennant to ensure that the network does not sit dormant for decades and be just another fibre white elephant. The big news today it is raising £185 million to invest in expanding its footprint and crucially for the public to commence in 2018 actual fibre to the home roll-outs in five to ten new towns and cities in addition to the metro fibre network that underpins the Gigabit City claims.

CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings PLC (“CityFibre” or the “Company”), a designer, builder, owner and operator of fibre optic infrastructure in UK towns and cities, today announces that it intends to raise minimum gross proceeds of £185 million at 55 pence per share, fully underwritten by Citigroup, finnCap, Liberum and Macquarie (the “Banks”) (the “Firm Placing”), with the intention to raise further proceeds through an accelerated bookbuilding process which will be launched immediately following this announcement (the “ABB Placing”) (together, the “Placing”). In addition, the Company intends to raise further gross proceeds of up to £15 million through a non-underwritten offer for subscription (the “Offer for Subscription”). CityFibre on Investment The metro fibre network currently exists in 42 towns and cities across the UK and the expansion is intended to take this to not less than 50 areas by 2020.

The York trial is described as demonstrating strong demand and apparently negotiations are at an advanced stage with retailers to market full fibre services using an expanded CityFibre network. Hopefully this means that as 2018 progresses rather than talking about a rapidly increased number of premises actually passed by FTTH from CityFibre and as with York report on the speeds people are getting (homes passed using the internationally accepted definitions means in York there are 20,000 to 25,000 premises believed to be passed currently. The recent placing of CityFibre in the centre of the £400m HM Treasury Ultrafast broadband investment fund is now much clearer since CityFibre appear keen to continue raising capital to continue to take custom anyway from the traditional leased line market leaders but are also seeking to expand more into the consumer arena with partners.

The purchase of Entanet for £29 million may be a surprise for some, but with Entanet as a well established wholesaler that has some 1,500 partners it providers a perfect avenue for dealing with the long tail of smaller providers who often provider local IT services in addition to broadband connectivity to businesses operating in their local area. This should help to increase the number of business customers and home workers/prosumers signing up to the full fibre services. What is clear for the next few years is that firms who do cable laying are going to be very busy and it may be that access to labour and potentially rising costs if supply is short might actually be what holds back a vision of a full fibre UK more than access to funding.

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