EE branded Britain’s worst phone and broadband provider for second month …

Telecoms giant EE has been named Britain s worst provider for both broadband and home phones.

The double whammy was delivered by watchdog Ofcom which found EE racked up the most complaints from fed up customers in both areas.

It is the second time in a row it has come bottom of both leagues and generated ten times more complaints over its broadband service than rival Sky.

EE is merging with broadband giant BT1 – leading to concerns customer service could get even worse. You can learn how to complain here2.

According to the Ofcom study, 51 out of 100,000 EE customers had gripes from broadband glitches, problems with bills, pricing and how their complaints were dealt with compared with just five in every 100,000 at Sky.

The survey covering the first three months of the year found EE was still not on the same wavelength as its beleaguered broadband users with complaints up 21% compared with the previous three months.

Sky which was named the best broadband provider3 saw complaints way below the industry average of 17 per 100,000 customers.

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EE Branded Britain's Worst Phone And Broadband Provider For Second Month ... Time to press the button to switch?

EE also notched up the most moans for its landlines with customers trying to switch companies the biggest bugbear.

One in three complaints were about problems caused by trying to ditch EE for another provider, followed by faults, service and the way complaints were handled.

The research found 39 customers per 100,000 lodged complaints about EE s home phone service – three times higher than the industry average of 13.

BT, Plusnet and TalkTalk also saw higher than average grumbles from browned-off customers with Sky named the best landline provider with just five complaints per 100,000 and Virgin Media also below the industry average with nine.

The report into how 13 of the nation s biggest telecoms firms performed from January to March this year also found Vodafone was the worst mobile pay-monthly service while Tesco Mobile was the best with the lowest number of complaints four times in a row.

Ofcom revealed it dealt with 300 telecoms complaints a day and said while broadband and pay TV complaints were up, overall landline and mobile phone moans were down.

But Claudio Pollack, director of Ofcom s content and consumer group said there was still room for providers to improve their performance .

Yesterday, EE admitted it had work to do to improve its services.

A spokesperson said: Our Customer Service Improvement programme is producing positive results but we know there is more work to do.

We re very pleased the number of mobile complaints has fallen significantly and we expect to reflect this downward trend in complaints across landline and broadband.

Our aim is to offer every customer the best possible service.


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