News Digest Rural Broadband: June 2014

Here it is June s overview of all the need-to-know news on inadequate internet connections in rural England and Wales. Featuring this month: sluggish speeds, rural broadband nightmares, and balloons to the rescue.

26 June Teesdale farmers broadband concerns raised in parliamentAlthough advances are being made with regard to the rollout of high-speed broadband to the more rural communities of the UK, farmers in the Teesdale area have been left frustrated by their lack of an adequate internet connection. Read more 1

19 June Broadband companies pocket 10m share to end rural web nightmareIf you live in a remote part of the UK where fibre is still something that s listed on the front of a cereal box, listen up: the Government has announced the potential saviors to end your rural broadband nightmare. Read more 2

18 June – Ofcom points out sluggish speeds and broadband divide in UK citiesGenerally when we talk about the broadband divide, we re talking about the have-nots out in rural or remote areas who are stuck on very slow connections, but the latest piece of Ofcom research has highlighted the disparity which can occur within cities themselves. Read more 3

17 June Google s Project Loon edges closer to realityGoogle officially announced its Project Loon balloons last June with the goal of bringing Internet access to every corner of the Earth. And now, with one year under its belt, the project has ironed out a lot of kinks, amped up balloon strength, and extended field-testing to places like Campo Maior. Read more 4

16 June 28% of rural UK population unhappy with broadbandIn response to the activity regarding rural broadband schemes, satellite broadband provider Europasat have conducted research to find out the opinions of UK rural residents in regards to the state of the broadband they receive, how it affects their area, plus their opinion towards government schemes. Read more 5

6 June New high-speed satellite broadband will help bridge Scotland s digital divideLeading ISP Broadband Everywhere has launched a new high-speed satellite broadband service in Scotland to help bridge the digital divide between urban and rural communities.

A range of packages with download speeds of up to 20Mbps will be available to anyone living in Scotland with costs starting from 13 a month. Read more 6


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