Worcestershire County Council and BT announce provisional …

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Superfast Worcestershire, a 20m partnership between Worcestershire County Council and BT, has already announced the first anticipated locations for its superfast fibre broadband rollout, just over a month after the contracts were signed on 5th August 2013.

The partnership plans to roll out high-speed fibre broadband to over 90 per cent of Worcestershire homes and businesses over the next three years, with all remaining areas receiving a minimum of 2Mbps broadband speeds.

Worcestershire residents can view roll out plans and anticipated fibre broadband locations for the next three years, by visiting www.worcestershire.gov.uk/broadband1.

They can also register demand for the service, and sign up to receive information about when fibre broadband will become available in their area.

Over the next 9 months necessary planning and technical survey work will take place, and due to this work the mapped locations could change before the roll out begins.

Cllr John Campion, Worcestershire County Council s Cabinet Member for Commissioning and Transformation, added:

We are totally committed to sharing the most accurate information when it is available which will be before each phase of the deployment.

We are working to develop a website so that local people and businesses will be able to register their details and be notified when faster Broadband is coming to their area and will work to keep local people updated.

After the Secretary of State released guidance to local authorities on sharing broadband roll out information at an earlier stage, it is reassuring to see Superfast Worcestershire acting with total transparency.


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