Wigtown Show poultry results and late results

The 2013 Wigtown Poultry Show was considered to be one of the best yet, with 17 awards on Championship Row going to those aged 16 years and under. This is a remarkable feat and with many of them from Dumfries & Galloway this was indeed a marvellous day for the future of the Fancy.

The outstanding exhibit had travelled from Peebles though. A Large Gold Brahma male, exhibited by Dorinda and Patrick Fontana, found his way into the Champion of Champions line-up in the main ring.

He is a marvellous example of the breed and caused great amusement being placed next to the Champion True Bantam on Championship Row and smallest bird in the show, a minute Serama male weighing only a few grams. All prize winners were photographed with their trophies alongside Big Dave, the Magpie Muscovy Drake who is a Guinness World Record holder and duck celebrity. Best in Show – D. & P.

Fontana s Large Gold Brahma M Reserve Best in Show – G. D. & S.

M. C. Thurland s Trio of White Call Ducks

Best Opposite Sex to Champion A. Taylor s White Call Duck F Best Large Fowl Soft Feather Light P.

Paul s Large White Silkie F; Best Large Fowl Soft Feather Heavy D. & P. Fontana s Gold Brahma M; Best Large Fowl Hardfeather M. Crowther s Old English Game Grey M; Best Bantam Soft Feather Light N.

Parker s Black Leghorn F; Best Bantma Soft Feather Heavy S. Holt s Black Orpington M; Best Bantam Hardfeather J. W.

Crowther s OEG Black/Red Partridge F; Best True Bantam C. & J. Driver s Serama M; Best Light Duck S. Gladstone s Indian Runner F; Best Heavy Duck S.

Dale-Sunley s Aylesbury F; Best Call Duck, Best Waterfowl & Best Opposite Sex to Champion A. Taylor s White F; Best Bantam Duck J. Houghton-Wallace s Fawn Miniature Crested F; Best Pair Waterfowl A.

Taylor s White Calls; Best Goose G. D. & S. M.

C. Thurland s Brecon Buff M; Best Rare G. Watson s White Booted F; Best Turkey J.Houghton-Wallace s Pied (Crollwitzer) M; Best Ex-Battery hen N. & L.

Court; Best Trio G. D. & S. M.

C. Thurland s White Call Ducks; Best Eggs M. Templeton s 3 Large Marans; Best Utility/Hybrid D.

Smith s Bluebelle F; Best Pet V. Smith s Black Pekin F; Best Silkie in Regional Club Show P. Paul s Large White F; Best Silkie Eggs P.

Paul; Best Open Junior J. W. Crowther s Bantam OEG M; Best Open Juvenile S.

J. Crowther s Sebright F; Best Wigtownshire Junior C. Cleer s Serama F; Best Wigtownshire Juvenile S.

Gladstone; Best Wigtownshire Senior & Best Wigtownshire Exhibit A. Wilson s Bantam Black Wyandotte M; Best Open Junior Eggs R. Smith; Best Open Juvenile Eggs C.

Robertson; Best Junior Handler J. W. Crowther; Best Juvenile Handler B.

G. Broomhall; Best Decorated/Painted Egg D. Fisher; Best Photograph F.

McTaggart; Best Painting M. Atcheson; Best Greetings Card S. Gladstone.

Trophies and prizewinners Points winner LW & MJ Parker Junior stockman Megan Forsyth

Horses Gainsby trophy Jennifer Garland Perky trophy James Stuart

Poultry Penkiln Sawmills Trophy Andrew Wilson, Baryerrock Farm, Whauphill with a Black Bantam Wyandotte male. Best trade exhibit Hugh O Neil

Clydesdales Male Champion J Adamson Reserve Male H Ramsay

Light Horses Pony, over 13.2hh not exceeding 14.2hh, to be ridden by a child 16 years and under 1, Wendy Miller-Smith, Closes Croft, Kirkcowan, Miami Mojo. Rider – Mollie Miller-Smith; 2, Audrey Forsyth, Mains of Minniydow, Springholm, Miami Moondust.

Rider- Abby Forsyth; 3, Miss Charlotte R Service, Moorpark of Barr, Newton Stewart, Clanross Talisman. Reserve to champion J Stuart, Blackwood Stables, carrutherstown. Rosslayne Fairy Story.

Goats Young handlers R McCreath Beef Young handlers:

Age 5-11yrs: 1, Robbie Brooke, Carscreugh, Glenluce; 2, Amy Vance, Bridgehouse, Sorbie; 3, Gregor Vance, bridgehouse, Sorbie. Age 12-16: 1, Megan Forsyth, Mid Bishopton, Whithorn; 2, Jack Forsyth, Mid Bidhopton, Whithorn; 3, Alistair Birse, c/o Barholm Mains, Creetown DAIRY YOUNG HANDLERS:

Age 5-11yrs: 1, Cara Sloan, c/o Broughton Mains, Sorbie; 2, Wilson Sloan, c/o Broughton Mains, Sorbie ; 3, Logan Stevenson, Kirminnoch, Dunragit.

Age 12-16: 1, Douglas Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae; 2, Ailsa Buchanan, Laigh Kilphin, Ballantrae; 3, Robbie McIlwraith, Townhead, Mouswald, Dumfries

Overall winner – Megan Forsyth.

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