Want superfast broadband, then consider Northamptonshire

Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at 03:28 pm

Northamptonshire County Council appears to be pulling on with a ambition
to move superfast broadband to each skill and business in a County for
2017. The stream BDUK agreement is aiming for superfast coverage of 90% in 2015
and 2 Mbps for a rest of a county, this will be achieved around a contract
with BT, though what is of seductiveness is a rising skeleton for a work to increase
the speeds from a simple 2 Mbps to 30 Mbps and faster in a final 10% of the

The Government done a grand proclamation of 95% of a UK carrying superfast
broadband in 2017, so Northamptonshire is going good over that, and it is
also looking to not only run a BDUK routine turn 2, though is operative on a
variety of investment models including cumulative loans offering on a commercial
basis to support superfast network deployment, with a wish that some of these
might start delivering even before a stream BDUK agreement completes. For
more fact conduct over to a blog entrance on a superfastnorthamptonshire.net blog1 and have
a review of a Economic Update Report.

Super quick broadband deployment timeline map for Northamptonshire

So good news for 2017, though a mostly asked doubt is when will
I see an improvement, and while same might contend a broadband
maps published by a counties are meaningless and lift no organisation commitment, they
do during slightest give an thought as to when to design any alleviation or not.

In the
case of Northamptonshire, it shows that proviso 1 appears to be follow a A5
through a county.

The formulation and consult work started in Aug 2013 which
involves checking that suitable locations can be found for cabinets and power
is accessible during a reasonable price.

Then a age aged problem of wayleaves may
need to be dealt with, something that with village projects can be overcome
with a crater of tea and biscuits, though with some-more blurb projects people often
want their possess cut of a cake in a form of cold tough money for extenuation a

The news from a legislature suggests that a initial areas of proviso 1 to go
live will be announced by Dec 2013 and a initial business connecting
before Mar 2014.


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