Online tool shows when superfast broadband is coming to your area …

A new online tool to help people learn where and when superfast broadband can be expected to arrive in Peterborough and beyond is now available.

New my area pages have gone live on the Connecting Cambridgeshire website at with an A-Z list of 267 areas across the county. The my area pages are designed to help people to see broad timescales for how their area or parish fits in to multiple phases of the broadband roll-out plan. The project is on track to deliver better broadband countywide by 2015 but the roll-out is still at an early stage, so more information will be added to the my area pages when it becomes available for each area.

Each area has its own page, which will be able to offer bespoke local information about the broadband roll-out, including: – Whether an area is within the Connecting Cambridgeshire broadband intervention project, or will be covered fully or partly by the commercial roll-out. – Outline date ranges for when superfast broadband is expected to be delivered in the area – subject to surveys and planning

– Whether the area has a Broadband Champion and how to help more people get online – Where to find out more about the improved broadband services. The broadband roll-out is expected to be covered in eight phases, which may overlap.

Scheduling for each phase depends upon the outcome of surveys and more detailed planning so Connecting Cambridgeshire cannot be more precise until these are known.

People have not already done so can register their contact details to receive updates about when broadband is coming to their area by using the Keep Me Updated link on the website.


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