Ofcom publishes research report into traffic management Surrey …

We wish to try and refrain from observant Ofcom has published an idiots guide
to trade management , given referring to a ubiquitous open as idiots is not
a respectful thing to do, though a brief elementary reason published by Ofcom1 does provide a open as totally
devoid of any bargain of technical terms, a bit like suggesting drivers
don t need to know speed boundary or what mph means.

Traffic government can be a rarely formidable subject, not one that can be
simplified to a turn where approach comparisons are easy for a series of
reasons. It s a bit like some of a decisions done by Formula One teams on the
optimum pattern for their cars. External factors such as a weather
affect hold on tyres only as overload on a broadband network affects our
broadband speeds.

Consumers need Plain English guides to assistance know a issues they need
to cruise when selecting a broadband provider, though this contingency be accurate and
provide a consumer with suggestive skills required to make such decisions.
Consumers looking for eccentric recommendation relating to their particular
circumstances can get this from a operation of sources including friends,
independent technical advisors/IT consultants or other sources such as our

Ofcom s unconstrained enterprise to make a formidable preference into an
over-simplified numeric answer is infrequently unhelpful.

The open need a improved bargain of a inlet of overload and
how trade moulding is designed to assistance broach a improved experience, and how it
can be used to save on costs as well, that competence negatively change a user
experience. It would seem some-more suitable for a regulator to find to explain
the terms referred to in advertising/marketing messages.

Of course, we published a broadband
speed guide
2 utterly some time ago, and would inspire we to review that.

Traffic Management / Traffic Shaping on broadband connections

What creates a announcement of this Ofcom request rather peculiar during this time
is that trade government is on a downward trend recently as foe in
the sell locus is extreme and changes to a manners practical by a Advertising
Standards Authority given 2012 meant providers as penetrating to equivocate use boundary and
traffic government policies. Three of a vital fixed-line providers now have
no active trade management, that accounts for some 70% of a UK broadband

Virgin Media with their wire broadband services are a largest provider to
still have a formidable complement of triggers, levels and throttling, though there are
rumours that this is due to be switched off in a nearby destiny too.

There is a 63 page prolonged investigate request that Ofcom consecrated which
includes information from workshops with a public; this beam is not a one-off and
Ofcom is now seeking a Broadband Stakeholder Group to cruise this research
and how improvements can be done to a tide information given to the

One thought that we are struggling to sense with is use clear
symbols to paint yes, no and not applicable in a pivotal information
; are a difference yes, no and ordinarily used acronym
n/a not transparent enough?

We should indicate out that a few years ago we had been operative on a thought of
3 that could afterwards be used to make comparison easier opposite different
providers websites, though a multiple of accessible resources and a ever
evolving marketplace meant any complement would be fast out of date and a launch of
the voluntary formula of practice4
on broadband speeds helped matters somewhat.

Also, it seemed really formidable to
turn formidable technical decisions that form trade moulding into a simple

There is still range for environment adult standard utilization profiles, and
measure broadband services opposite that profile.

We will be going by a investigate in some-more abyss and blog a comments in
the subsequent few days, though to give everybody something to consider, do we think
that expressing satisfactory use or other boundary in terms of a hours of streaming
allowed is clearer than a provider expressing a extent in Megabytes (MB) or
Gigabytes (GB)? (for a reduction technically disposed here s a clue: a series of
MB/GB one hour of streaming takes adult will count on a peculiarity of a stream,
which is mostly boldly comparison formed on a opening of your broadband
connection during a time.

What came first, duck or egg?)


  1. ^ published by Ofcom (consumers.ofcom.org.uk)
  2. ^ Guide to trade government and other factors inspiring broadband speeds (www.thinkbroadband.com)
  3. ^ our strange thought for a customary tag system (blog.thinkbroadband.com)
  4. ^ Launch of formula in 2011 (www.thinkbroadband.com)

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