Lincolnshire Day October 1st.

As October 1st is Lincolnshire day we felt it would be a nice day to re-visit the Lincsmemories 1web site.

Several of the libraries we worked with have expressed an interest in working on this again and some new ones have offered to run their own events. We are also in discussion with one of the Radio Stations with a view to getting people to talk through their memories they have posted online.

If you have a friend or neighbour with an interesting story to tell, why not show them how to pop a memory on to the site? It is a simple, safe process, click on the Submit a Memory button on the top of the screen and fill in the simple form.

If they have a photo then that s great, attach it and it we will post that as well.

They can be anonymous if they want just not rude, abusive or discriminatory!


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