Labour tries Robin Hood approach to faster broadband Surrey …

Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 04:59 pm

We are blissful we have a prolonged memory, as it appears a assembly during the
forthcoming Labour Party Conference competence finish adult with some removing the
impression a Labour Party skeleton to put even some-more income into farming broadband
if it was to win a 2015 General Election.

Alas as with many announcements this is only another box of recycling
something announced earlier
in 2013
1 when a Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport announced
that half a super-connected appropriation would be private from a cities and
handed to a farming areas.

Sounds good if we live in a farming area though a integrate of issues:

  • By 2015 a super-connected vouchers and Wi-Fi schemes might have spent the
  • Shadow plantation apportion Huw Irranca-Davies suggests this 75m will assistance 2
    million people, we are not certain what 75 per skill will broach in a most
    rural areas of a UK.
  • What is DEFRA and DCMS already doing in a many farming tools of a UK via
    the RCBF fund2

The coverage of this new spending in Farmers Weekly3 is as we would design focused on a impact
for farmers and a pierce towards an all online plantation payments system. In theory
the UK has some 300,000 active farms4, so if Labour intends to dedicate a 75
million to only farms and we assume half can get broadband of a reasonable
standard for online banking and forms (2 to 5Mbps), afterwards there is around 500
per farm, adequate to finance a satellite formed service. The geographic spread
of farms creates it formidable to pool income to benefit economy of scale for
broadband improvements.

Perhaps a doubt that needs to be asked is because is DEFRA pulling towards
a new payments system, when it knows not all farms are online?

None of the
political parties come out of a stream broadband conditions as shining
examples of technical believe or carrying a clever care vision.


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