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DINGWALL, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (September, 25th) sold 877 store cattle at their annual show and sale of native and continental store cattle, including an Aberdeen Angus section.The judge, Aileen Ingram, East Comalegy, Drumblade, awarded the continental champion to a 542kg Limousin cross bullock from the J Morrison, Stromebhan, Lochmaddy, realising 1,390. The continental reserve was a 520kg Limousin cross heifer also from Stromebhan, Lochmaddy realising 1,260. In the Aberdeen Angus section, the champion prize went to a 600kg bullock from Messrs Home Farms, Oldtown of Leys, Inverness, realising 1,470, and the reserve to a 515kg heifer from Mr M Macdonald 5/6 Sheader, Uig, Isle of Skye, realising 1,130.Other prizes awarded:Aberdeen Angus bullock1st prize Oldtown of Leys2nd prize Oldtown of LeysAberdeen Angus heifer1st prize 5/6 Sheader, Uig2nd prize Ballindalloch Home Farms, Ballindalloch, BanffshireContinental x bullocks1st prize Stromebhan2nd prize StromebhanContinental x heifer1st prize Messrs D. & C.

Sandison, Smerral Farm, Bower2nd prize Messrs R. & A. Meiklejohn, 2 Forss, Thurso Aberdeen Angus bullocks (131) averaged 245.1p (+ 42.5p on the year) and sold to 259.4p per kg for a pen of 532kg crosses from Rattar Mains, Scarfskerry, and 1,570 gross for a pen of 627kg crosses also from Rattar Mains.Aberdeen Angus heifers (115) averaged 221.4p (+ 33p on the year) and sold to 241.3p per kg for a pen of 402kg crosses from North Calder, Halkirk, and 1,130 gross for a 515kg cross also from 5/6 Sheader.Other native bred bullocks (97) averaged 225.9p (+ 37p on the year) and sold to 252.6p per kg for a pen of 388kg Shorthorn crosses from Achley Farm, Dornoch, and 1,460 gross for an 645kg Shorthorn cross also from Woodlands, Dingwall.Other native bred heifers (73) averaged 210.3p (+ 2a9.6p on the year) and sold to 243.2p per kg for a pen of 370kg Highland crosses from Glencassley Estate, Lairg, & 329kg Shorthorn crosses from Spittal Mains, Watten, and 1,180 gross for a pair of 522kg Shorthorn crosses from 3 Dounie, Edderton.Continental bullocks (245) averaged 243.6p (+ 37.2p on the year) and sold to 287.2p per kg for a 390kg Charolais cross from Rattar Mains, and 1,500 gross for a pair of 618kg Charolais crosses from Woodend, Killearnan.Continental heifers (216) averaged 227.4p (+ 35.7p on the year) and sold to 281p per kg for a 420kg British Blue cross from 2 Lochend, and 1,300 gross for a 590kg Simmental cross from North Calder.

A good show for quality met an excellent trade with strong cattle in particular demand. Other leading prices per head and per kg:Aberdeen Angus bullocks 351-400kg 5/6 Sheader, 910, 3 Dounie, 236.8p; 401-450kg Nottingham Mains, Latheron, 1,040, 254.9p; 451-500kg Rattar Mains, 1,240, 257.3p; 501-550kg Rattar Mains, 1,380, Greenvale, Dunnet, 256.9p; 551-600kg Rattar Mains, 1,450, 254.8p; 601-650kg Ballindalloch Estate, Oldtown of Leys, 1,470, Rattar Mains, 250.4p; 651-700kg 5/6 Sheader, 1,420, 213.5p. Aberdeen Angus heifers 351-400kg Nottingham Mains, 940, 238p; 401-450kg 3 Dounie, 1,010, Clatequoy, Thurso, 233.3p; 451-500kg 3 Dounie, 1,120, North Calder, 231.8p; 501-550kg Oldtown of Leys, 1,100, 5/6 Sheader, 219.4p.

Other native bred bullocks Up to 250kg 5 Drynoch, Carbost, 620, 251p; 251-300kg 5 Drynoch, 670, 223.3p; 301-350kg 10 Lochend, Thurso, 670, Achley Farm, Dornoch, 214.3p; 351-400kg Achley Farm, 980, Nottingham Mains, 240.5p; 401-450kg Greenvale, 1,020, 233.4p; 451-500kg Achvarasdal, Reay, 1,110, 73 Dalchalm, Brora 234.8p; 501-550kg Greenvale, 1,300, 250p; 551-600kg Achvarasdal, 1,360, 229.7p; over 601kg Woodlands, 226.4p. Other native bred heifers 301-350kg Spittal Mains, 800, Nottingham Mains, 197.1p; 351-400kg Glencassley Estate, 900, 213p; 401-450kg 1 Skaill, Dounreay, 850, Nottingham Mains, 206.5p; 451-500kg 3 Dounie, 1,100, 229.2p; Up to 550kg Woodlands, 1,040, 3 Dounie, 226.1p. Continental and other bullocks 351-400kg Rattar Mains, 1,120, Kennachy, Forss, 270.9p; 401-450kg 2 Forss, Thurso, 1,220, 282.7p; 451-500kg Greenvale, 1,300, 266.4p; 501-550kg Greenvale, 1,420, Balgunloune, North Kessock, 266.7p; 551-600kg Roadside, Wester Muckernich, 1,490, Balgunloune, 266.8p; Over 601kg Roadside, 1,490, Woodend, Killearnan 242.7p.

Continental and other heifers 301-350kg Lyne of Urchany, Geddes, 980, 280p; 351-400kg Lyne of Urchany, 960, 252.6p; 401-450kg 2 Lochend, 1,180, 2 Forss, Thurso, 271.6p; 451-500kg Oldtown of Leys, 1,160, 2 Forss, 256.6p; 501-550kg Stomebhan, 1,260, 242.3p; Up to 551kg Ardjachie, 1,210, 218p. DINGWALL, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (September, 25th) sold 38 head of breeding cattle.In calf heifers (15) sold to 1,750 for a British Blue cross from Sibster Burn, Halkirk.In calf cows (5) sold to 1,080 for a Limousin from 8 Balmeanach, Struan.Cow with male calf (9) sold to 1,500 for a British Blue cross from Sibster Burn.Cow with heifer calf (5) sold to 1,500 for a Shorthorn from 37 & 55 Sangomore, Durness.Breeding bulls (4) sold to 1,700 for a Limousin from 2 Forss, Thurso.Other leading pricesIn calf heifers: Sibster Burn, (BRB), 1,620; Strone Farm, Banavie, (Lim), 1,100; Sibster Burn, (AAX), 1,100.In calf cows: 8 Balmeanach, (Lim), 1,050.Cow with male calf: Sibster Burn, (AAX), 1,460; Sibster Burn, (Lim), 1,310; 149/250 Little Rogart, Rogart, (CharX), 1,150.Cow with heifer calf: Sibster Burn, (AAX), 1,250; Keodale Sheep Stock Club, Lairg, 1,120.Breeding bulls: Castle Muie, Rogart, (AA), 1,280. DINGWALL, Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (September, 25th) sold 81 OTM cattle.OTM prime cows (53) averaged 140.9p and sold to 173.2p per kg 1,230 gross for a 710kg Limousin cross from Kinnahaird, Contin.OTM feeding cows (24) averaged 96.5p and sold to 119.7p per kg and 790kg for a 660kg Limousin cross from Dunain Mains, Inverness.OTM bulls (4) averaged 106p and sold to 125.8p per kg for a 1,105kg Limousin from Craigdhu, Aigas, and 1,510 gross for an 1,210kg Aberdeen Angus from Ballindalloch Home Farms, Ballindalloch.Other leading prices per headOTM prime cows: Strathglass, Beauly, (SalX) 1,190; Fiddlefield, Muir of Ord, (CharX), 1,170; Fiddlefield, (LimX), Wester Rarichie, Nigg, (AAX), Milldam, Loch Ussie, & Parkhill, Durness, (Sho), 1,150.OTM feeding cows: Braefindon, Culbokie, (LimX), 730; Ardjachie, Tain, (AAX twice), 710; Scotsburn, Kildary, (SimX), 690.Other leading prices per kgOTM prime cows: Clury , Dulnain, (LimX), 169p; Strathglass, (SalX), 158.7p; Parkhill, (ShoX) 154.4p.OTM feeding cows: Dunain Mains, (LimX), 119.6p; 12 Bualnaluib, Aultbea, (SimX), 117.5p; Ardjachie, Tain, (AAX) 112.7p; Kirkton Farms, (LimX), 127.6p.

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