Calton Hill: Tyrannosaurus

Oh for goodness sake. When Calton first heard on the radio about an ‘extremist Christian sect’ trying to influence schoolchildren he thought they must have been indoctrinating them into being suicide bombers at a gay pride march or mosque. What else would justify the removal of two head teachers1 and the exclusion of the religious group from the school?

It turns out that, actually, a local church had handed out booklets on creationism to primary school children. Some people (and South Lanarkshire council) have no sense of proportion. Calton tends to agree with the EIS when it says that “schools should not be a place for any interest group to push its activities”, provided, of course, that it also applies to Stonewall pushing books such as King and King in primary schools.

And if primary age children are “too young to assess the contents” of the creationist books, as asserted by the Secular Society, they are also too young to assess the contents of King and King and other books promoting homosexuality.

It sounds to Calton like this whole thing is a storm in a teacup whipped up by a few vocal parents, backed by a politically correct council and stirred up by the Daily Record2.

Have they not got more important things to worry about than whether or not man co-existed with dinosaurs?


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  2. ^ stirred up by the Daily Record (

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