Broadband news wrap: 16-22 September

This week’s broadband news has been focused on some people’s
continued struggle with getting online. AgeUK showed us that, at
least in the north, people over 65 are still not confident using
the web and Ofcom’s chief executive gave an address restating his
concerns with the current switching process. In either case
Simplifydigital is doing its part to make sure connecting up your
home is both easy and cost effective.

In other news, EE has
released a new router to make sure its customers can take advantage
of their superfast speeds and, according to David Hancock, online
exams could be the next big step for schools in the UK.

AgeUK study shows over-65s struggle with internet

In a study on internet use in England it was revealed that
adults over 65 are a lot less likely to be connected than those in
the south. After talking to 5000 people up and down the country,
AgeUK found that in Surrey around 63% of over-65s were comfortable
using the internet, whereas in Tyne and Wear the number dropped to
only 27.7%. Simplifydigital is doing its bit to ensure more
people are comfortable using the internet by taking part in the
seventh national Get online week.

the full AgeUK story

UK digital switching process still a problem

Following on from their recently announced plans for a
standardised UK switching process, Ed Richards, chief executive of
Ofcom, outlined his concerns and asked that broadband providers
remove the confusing and inconvenient barriers that currently face
consumers. Although he described the new initiative as a step in
the right direction, he also called for the providers to work
harder alongside Ofcom to ensure that consumers can take advantge
of the UK’s highly competetive communications market.

Read the full

New Bright Box 2 EE home broadband router with 76Mb fibre

With broadband speeds increasing in the UK, EE has released a
new router to give its customers on the 76Mb fibre package faster
and more reliable connections.

The router will use the new wireless
standard called 802.11ac to make sure all its users get a share of
its superfast download speeds.

Read the
full EE home broadband router story

School exams to be taken online “within 10 years”

David Hancock, the chief executive of the Independant
Association of Prep Schools, is set to give an address predicting
that in 10 years time A-level and GCSE examinations will have moved
to an online platform.

His theory is that, although the core
subjects will remain, a large portion of them will be taught and
marked using digital technology.

Read the full online school exam story


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