Broadband factsheet for Q3/2013 released Surrey Broadband

Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 11:27 am

We have updated a broadband factsheet1 to include
the latest nuggets of information from a UK broadband scene. In terms of the
UK broadband landscape we are now including information on a speeds we are
measuring opposite a several regions of a UK.

Broadband Factsheet Q3/2013

There are many who doubt that a UK will ever have decent broadband speeds
and we have usually updated a projection for a UK normal broadband speed2 in 2015 to simulate changes in
the volume of FTTP approaching (less than formerly expected) and have reduced
our projection for Virgin Media rising a 200 Mbps to them usually charity a
160 Mbps use in 2015. The side outcome of this is that a projection has
reduced, with an normal speed of 30 Mbps (at rise times).

The projection
currently relies on a hypothesis that during some indicate in 2015 there will be
4.1 million subscribing to a FTTC formed service, attack that turn of take-up
is possible, quite now that operators like Sky have started their Toy
Story themed Fibretastic graduation of twine services.


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