Bradley Stoke to get high-speed broadband

Wedged between the M4, M5 and M32 on the northern fringe of the Bristol built-up area, Bradley Stoke1 has never enjoyed an exactly wonderful reputation locally or even nationally.

Started in 1987, the development got caught up in the fall-out from the bursting of the housing bubble in the early 1990s, leading to it being nicknamed Sadly Broke due to the high number of residents caught in the negative equity2 trap.

Then a few years later, just as the community was allegedly getting on its feet, the current elected mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, who was then president of the Royal Institute of British Architects3, told The Guardian that, in his opinion, Bradley Stoke was soulless and devoid of any inspiration . Needless to say this provoked a backlash from Bradley Stoke Town Council4 and provided a good week s worth of controversy to fill the columns of the Bristol Evening Post.

image of optical fibre cableHowever, there s now some good news for the 28,000 residents of Bradley Stoke. It has been announced that Bradley Stoke will be the first town in South Gloucestershire5 to receive high-speed broadband, according to the Bristol Post6, under a 35 mn.

partnership deal between BT and the local authority.

In addition to Bradley Stoke, residents of 8 other areas in South Gloucestershire Barrs Court7, Lower Almondsbury8, Olveston9, Rudgeway10, Thornbury11 town centre, Tockington12, Tormarton13 and Warmley14 will be able to order fibre optic broadband from next summer.

Meanwhile, within Bristol itself, the Bishopsworth15, Redcliffe16 and Easton17 areas of the city will also be getting high-speed broadband at about the same time, according to the Post s report.


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