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CSW LogoThe CSW Broadband project, which aims to bring improved broadband across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire, has released a new map showing additional areas that are under investigation to be upgraded to receive superfast broadband.

Councillor Alan Cockburn, Deputy Leader of Warwickshire County Council1, said: Thanks to the amount of data we received through our Local Broadband Champions and the depth of understanding that we had of the broadband challenges faced by our communities, we were able to draw down an additional 750,000 funding during the procurement process. This brings the total contract value to 14.5m and means that over 91% of our area will get superfast broadband coverage.

This has now been modelled to see where we can get maximum coverage for the money, and the additional 750,000 will cover an additional 7,500 properties, meaning that over 51,000 properties will be able to connect to the fibre wholesale network as a result of the CSW Broadband project. This is in addition to the coverage that will be achieved through the BT commercial rollout.

The areas that are currently under investigation are shown on the map which appears on the project website at

However, that is not the end of the story. We have our eyes firmly on the EU 2020 targets which state that 100% of properties should be able to receive a minimum of 30 Mbps and at least 50% of properties should be connected to and using 100Mbps. This is a real-step-change and will constitute the biggest transformation in communications and in the way we live our lives since the telephone was first invented .

In order to achieve the 2020 targets additional funding will be required and the government recently announced that 250m would be made available to reach 95%.

Details of this funding are eagerly awaited by the project team.


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