1,800 Derbyshire locals get behind broadband improvements

Derbyshire broadband polls attract 1,800 respondentsDerbyshire County Council has expressed satisfaction at the number of respondents to surveys on broadband performance in the area.

Almost 1,800 Derbyshire residents and businesses have given their views on the quality of broadband connectivity in the area by completing surveys launched by the county council. The polls – one for householders and one for employers – have been rolled out in a bid to illustrate levels of public support for faster broadband across Derbyshire. It is hoped that if enough people take part in the scheme, private sector telecoms firms will be encouraged to invest in the area.

Some 7.39 million in funding has been allocated to the county by Broadband Delivery UK to improve broadband provision, but the council needs to raise the same amount again if it is to unlock this money and the surveys are a key part of achieving this. While hundreds of consumers have already taken the time to complete the polls, the local authority is calling for a lot more responses and has now decided to introduce a free prize draw as an extra incentive. Five 50 high street vouchers are up for grabs in the competition.

Kevin Parkinson, Derbyshire County Council cabinet member for regeneration, stressed the body is pleased with the reaction to the surveys. “It shows the strength of support for the work we are doing to improve broadband access for Derbyshire residents and businesses,” he remarked. “The more responses we receive the better our chances of unlocking the allocated funding.

This is a fantastic opportunity which we can’t afford to miss out on and I’d urge everyone to spend a few minutes filling in the survey.”

Last month, residents in the High Peak region of Derbyshire were also urged to complete online questionnaires to help the local council put forward its case for faster broadband to the government and the private sector.

Although super-fast speeds are already available in some High Peak communities, others are currently stuck with little or no broadband access.

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