The Suffolk Show and Better Broadband

Yesterday I spent the day at the Suffolk Show, which each year, for me, is a mixture of being on our County Stand meeting and talking with visitors and also having a look around myself enjoying the sights and attractions of our County Show. Yes it rained and yes it was muddy but unlike last year it looks like the two days will happen and from those I talked to I really got a sense of how much they valued the show.

This year there was an added special reason to be there, in the afternoon alongside some of Suffolk MPs we launched the long awaited web site giving people the details of when they can expect our 10million investment decision to make sure that better broadband is rolled out to 100% of our businesses and homes.

www.betterbroadbandsuffolk.com1 includes a roll-out map, detailing when each part of the county will be getting the new high-speed broadband. It also have other information on the project and about broadband in general so log on, pop your post code in and see just when it arrives.

Inevitably I would like it to my home now but do accept the capacity issues as it physically is installed in my road.

At the launch was Annette Thorpe, a regional Director for BT, so I did not miss the opportunity for a spot of lobbying for an early date for my village but she said even she could not get it earlier where she lived, so fair enough.

We struggle on with our 2mbs connection but at least, with our investment we know it s coming soon!

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