Thanks for the help with training in Sleaford!

I would just like to personally thank the two volunteers, Richard Creedy of GR8 Computing and Moira Howes from Community Lincs, for giving up their time to help out with the project we are running to help Sleaford Job Centre.

We are aiding those with little or no internet experience to register online with the new Government Job Match Site.

This means that we work with them to get an email account set up if they don t have one, upload their CV to the Job site and ensure that they are registered in a way that gives them the best chance of finding a new job.

This can be difficult but very rewarding work, I hope that the people helping out get to experience the satisfaction I get with this work.

We would love to see this project spreading throughout the county so if you could put on a small session in your local village hall or community centre, let me know and we will start the ball rolling.

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