Superfast broadband hope for East Cleveland villages

26 Jan 2012 00:001

SUPERFAST broadband is on its way to Moorsholm and neighbouring villages in East Cleveland.

Councillor Steve Kay Moorsholme Councillor Steve Kay Moorsholme

SUPERFAST broadband is on its way to Moorsholm and neighbouring villages in East Cleveland.

For several years Moorsholm resident Trevor Watson, backed by Moorsholm Village Community Forum, has been campaigning for improved broadband connection.

Now a partnership has been forged with a not-for-profit company, NextGenus UK, which brings superfast broadband to isolated country areas.

A system to improve broadband speeds will be installed – if enough people sign up to receive the service.

Local councillor Steve Kay has welcomed the move.

He said: Fortunately, householders in surrounding villages, like Lingdale, Stanghow, Liverton and Boosbeck, have been given the opportunity to sign up too.

Apart from lightning broadband speeds, subscribers will be able to take advantage of a line-free telephone service.

Mr Watson said: The situation with broadband is dire in Moosholm and in Stanghow it is not much better.

He said broadband speeds were about one quarter of the minimum standard the Government was trying to set across the country and in some parts it was even worse.

It is very frustrating, he said.

I teach computing and I fix computers – a two-minute job can take two hours.

Mr Watson said that NextGenus UK was offering two packages – broadband at five times the Government minimum standard, or at 30 times faster for a higher fee.

It would make this area of East Cleveland faster than most parts of Teesside and it will bring enormous benefits to residents and businesses, said Mr Watson.

Guy Jarvis, managing director of NextGenus UK CIC, said: Interest is very high locally and there are already a significant number of subscribers.

It needs at least 100 people to subscribe to get the new service up and running.



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