'Poor broadband' seen in Derbyshire – Market news from uSwitch

21 April 2008

Consumers in South Derbyshire have been urged to get in contact with the council after apparent “problems” with broadband reception.

BT and South Derbyshire district council are to engage in discussions after firms said they were having problems with services, reports the Burton Mail.

Vice Chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee Charles Jones stated that BT did not initially know that there were any problems.

“If they don’t know that people are experiencing problems with broadband internet access, they obviously can’t do anything about it,” he told the publication.

He added that if the council is told about any further difficulties then it can act quickly to solve these.

And this is probably having an impact on more people across the region, he stipulated.

Last week, O2 announced the availability of fresh broadband services, including free modem offers.

The firm stated that these services will be opened up for consumers due to the changes.

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