Help to understand the Internet Broadband for Seniors

Technology is being used across most of our community and more seniors in the community are becoming interested in and are regular users of the internet and other technologies. Even Neighbourhood Watch groups are changing their way of operating and utilising the internet, blogs, email and other online forums to connect with members of their communities.

nhwblogUsing the internet can pose a number of concerns, questions and risks, and it is therefore recommended that users become familiar with how to safeguard themselves against scams, spams, banking or bullying. Users should also be aware of computer viruses, privacy breaches and generally have a good understanding of how to use the internet.

Broadband for Seniors is a program aimed at helping seniors to become familiar with using their computer and navigating their way around the internet.

By visiting their website, seniors are able to take part in online lessons as well as find out valuable information on how to use the internet safely and confidently.

More about eCrime can be found at


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