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Local people are encouraged to attend the first meeting of the new financial year for St Oswald and Llanymynech Local Joint Committee (LJC),6 to be held on Tuesday 11 June 2013 at Llanymynech Village Hall starting at 7pm..

As well as having a dedicated budget to spend on local community projects, the LJC offers an opportunity for people to raise issues that matter to them and their area.

The committee has an annual budget of 15,500 to spend on community projects within the area covering the parishes of Oswestry Rural, Llanyblodwel, Llanymynech and Pant, Melverley, Kinnerley and Knockin.

The meeting will involve an update on the consultations over proposed sites for building developments known as SAMDev (Site Allocations and Management of Development Plan). Locals are encouraged to get involved in consultations, as they can help shape their communities and register objections or support for development proposals in the area.

There will also be a presentation from the new police inspector for the area, Rik Klair, on changes involving West Mercia Police and an update on local crime-related issues. Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service will also be outlining local initiatives currently being by run by their service.

The new north area commissioner at Shropshire Council, Tim Smith, will be talking about upcoming changes and his future role within the council.

Alongside this, there will be an update on all important issues for the area, including the National Grid consultation and the Connecting Shropshire broadband project.

All meetings have a regular item on the agenda, allowing all members of the community opportunity to raise any questions or concerns that they may have for the area in which they live. This can be a very local item, or may relate to specific questions around safety or crime for example.

The meetings are overseen by a panel of councillors from local town and parish councils and Shropshire Council.

Shropshire Councillor Arthur Walpole, Chairman of the St Oswald and Llanymynech LJC, said:

These meetings provide a chance for people to tell councillors their views on local issues and services, and to allow us to use our budget to benefit the local community. There are some key items suggested for our next meeting which will be of interest to this area; in particular we will receive an update on the next stages of SAMDev consultations around site allocations, and will be introduced to the new West Mercia Police inspector covering the north of Shropshire: this will be a key opportunity for local people to raise any questions or concerns they have around these two very important issues.

We will also receive an update on the National Grid consultation and local action taking place around this.

We hope that local people will come along to hear more.

This is a great opportunity for the community to feed their comments to us as local councillors and parish councillors.

All local people from the area are welcome to attend.

For more information about the LJC meetings, or advice about how to apply for funding, please contact Corrie Davies, Shropshire Council s community action officer, on 01691 677306.

You can also visit shropshire.gov.uk/communityworking.nsf7.


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