Could you be the 10,000th CSW Broadband responder …

CSW Broadband is offering a prize of 20 Amazon vouchers for the sender of the 10,000th response to the survey being run to establish broadband problems and needs.

The survey has been available on-line at the project website and in paper copy through Local Broadband Champions.

Leigh Hunt, e-Business Adviser at Warwickshire County Council, said: We have had a fantastic response so far and are eagerly awaiting our 10,000th survey.

The information collected through the surveys has been vital in shaping our procurement and as we get closer to contracting it will be especially important in helping to shape the rollout of the programme.

It is only by having good information about the problems that people are experiencing, and what broadband they may need in the future that we are able to be properly informed clients and to get the best possible deal for the communities of Warwickshire.

The CSW Broadband project aims to bring superfast broadband (24Mbps or above) to 90 per cent of properties and speeds of at least 2Mbps to 100 per cent of properties by 2015.


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