Connected Essentials CES30 Wireless Speakers

Connected Essentials CES30 Wireless Speakers

  • Wireless Stereo Speakers – Up to 100m range
  • Sufficiently stylish to use for simple office presentations
  • Ideal for surround sound systems – saves the trailing wires!
  • Remote Control supplied – controls power, volume and auto setup function
  • Can be used anywhere in the home or garden – ideal for Summer BBQ’s

These CES30 Premium Plus Wireless Speakers are specifically designed for use both indoors and outdoors with their stylish and splashproof design . They even look great in a meeting room with their executive styling and polished appearance. Performance is excellent. Both sound reproduction and transmission range is designed to meet the expectations of demanding customers. The supplied remote control puts you completely in charge.

Multi purpose and high performance. From the living room to a meeting room, from around the pool (they are splash proof) to summer BBQs – great sound and performance from our top of the range model . Great for use with Surround sound,TV and audio systems, i Pod, MP3 and other portable music players. Also ideal for hooking up to your PC, both in the home and office.

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Connected Essentials CES30 Wireless Speakers

List Price: £89.99 Only Price: £89.99

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