Guide to Modern Communication Technologies

Guide to Modern Communication Technologies

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Guide to Modern Communication Technologies gives an overview of new and
emerging communication technologies of recent times. It introduces in
simple language various communication technologies and provides additional
technical details including diagrams for those who are more interested in the
technical aspects.

The following Analogue and Digital communication technologies are
explained in this book.

Mobile phone networks, Mobile phone features, Evolution of Mobile
Phone Networks, Wireless Mobile Broadband, GPRS, HSDPA, HSUPA, GSM, 3G UMTS, Long Term Evolution (LTE), Satellite Phones, Femtocells, CDMA,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMax, ADSL, ISDN, Leased lines, Fibre Optic
communications, Metro Ethernet, FM Radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting
(DAB), Satellite Radio, Television, Digital Television, Satellite
Television, Cable TV, IPTV, Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol
(VOIP), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), Dial Up Modems, GPS
Navigation system, Trunked Radio, Cordless Telephones, Fax

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