Broadband campaign aims to help people in rural areas of Sheffield …

Date: 26/10/2012. Story submitted by: ShaffaqM Lib Dem1

A councillor is asking residents in rural areas to get in touch with their problems with broadband access.

Alison Brelsford, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Stocksbridge, raised the issue of poor broadband access in rural areas at the last meeting of the full council.

The council has now agreed to a report on the subject. However, Alison wants local people to get in touch so that she can feed their problems into the council.

She said: “I’m pleased to see that the council will now bring forward a report detailing problems of broadband access in rural areas. Liberal Democrat Councillors have led the charge over this issue and I hope that our hard work will now see direct improvement for residents across the north of Sheffield.

“However, it’s vital that we keep up the pressure on the council. To help make sure that the council takes the right action, I am asking residents to get in touch and tell me about their experience with slow or non-existent broadband.”

Coun Brelsford can be contacted at [email protected]

Sheffield South Yorkshire S36

Councillor calls for local experiences for broadband campaign

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