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FairPoint merger may bring Maine more broadband options 0

FairPoint merger may bring Maine more broadband options

File Photo / Tim Greenway Mike Reed, FairPoint Communications’ Maine state president. With near monopolies for broadband access in many Maine and northern New England markets, telecommunications analyst Barry Sine of Drexel Hamilton said he expects the pending merger of FairPoint Communications with Consolidated Communications of Illinois to bring the region more broadband and television options. Sine said he expects the merged company to compete for cable TV customers in some markets in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, according to Maine Public 1 .

Consolidated Communications offers video in other markets, and Sine said it can support similar service in northern New England. Consolidated plans to buy FairPoint in a deal worth $1.5 billion 2 . While both companies’ boards have approved the merger, it still must pass regulatory approval.

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Mediacom: entire network Gigabit-capable by end-2016 0

Mediacom: entire network Gigabit-capable by end-2016

US cableco Mediacom Communications has announced that its entire broadband network will be Gigabit-capable by the end of 2016, a feat it claims will make it the first major US cable operator to have upgraded its full operating system to the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. As a result of the upgrade, virtually all of the three million homes and businesses that it serves across its 22 state footprint will be able to enjoy speeds that are up to 40 times faster than the minimum broadband definition set by the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ). Rocco B.

Commisso, Mediacom’s founder and CEO , commented: ‘Mediacom was founded on the principle that hard-working families in the smaller cities and towns in our nation’s heartland deserved the same advanced communications services enjoyed in the largest metropolitan areas … After the ‘Gigasphere’ modems became available earlier this year, we accelerated the first phase of our previously announced three-year, USD1 billion capital investment plan so that Mediacom’s customers could begin taking advantage of super-fast speeds as soon as possible.’ According to separate vendor press releases, Mediacom’s DOCSIS 3.1 deployment utilises the Cisco cBR-8 next generation converged cable access platform ( CCAP ), and the C100G CCAP courtesy of Casa Systems.

Broadband ‘more essential than savings’, says survey 0

Broadband ‘more essential than savings’, says survey

According to a new survey from Which?, nine in 10 people believe broadband is an ‘essential’ – the only things more vital being housing, energy, food, and running water. And alarmingly, it’s considered more essential than having savings. The consumer group, in partnership with survey company Populus, asked 2,000 people which services they think are essential to their every day lives.

90% felt having broadband was – more so than having a mobile phone (74%), a TV (73%), and even savings in the bank (70%). Even less important were having a car, which 68% find essential; and pension contributions, essential to only 53% of people. Despite broadband being so important to our daily lives, however, a massive 68% of people surveyed said they’ve experienced a problem with it in the last year.

More than a third of that 68% said they’ve had slower speeds than usual and “intermittent connection drop-outs”. On top of that, three in 10 of everyone who took the survey said their broadband has download speeds below 10Mb – the minimum speed that the government wants to make a legal right. Alex Neill, managing director of home and legal services at Which?, said: “This research underlines again just how important broadband is to our everyday lives.

Yet many of us are still experiencing persistent service interruptions and a large proportion of the population can’t access usable speeds to carry out the most basic tasks. “The government must urgently press ahead with its reforms to give us the faster and more reliable broadband connections we all need.” At least broadband prices are low enough that it’s not essential to dip into our savings, though, right?

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